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Welcome to the Compliant !

A 2D platformer where you must change your appearance to reach the top of the tower and find the perfect form.  


Perfection is desirable.....but are you able to reach it? 

Change your appearance as you climb the tower to find the best route up. 


In the game you are tasked with climbing a tower which holds the promise of perfection at the top. In order to reach it, you must use all the abilities at your disposal to overcome obstacles. 

  • Change your appearance in order to overcome certain terrain
  • Jump on button to active platforms
  • Avoid hidden dangers in the tower

Can you reach the top? 


  • Multiple playable characters 
  •  Interactive environments
  • Immersive art direction 
  • Challenging platforming


Q - Move Left

D - Move Right

S - Go Down

Space/Z - Jump

F/Left Click - Copy Character


Lucien Delmas - Artist

Arthur Cablé - Designer

Hugo Benrabia - Programmer 

Erwan Cochon - Designer

Yannis De Macedo - Programmer 

Virginie Nguyen - Programmer 

Oceane Famechon - Designer 

Alex Murphy - Producer

Clément Agogue - Composer 


Download the .ZIP File

Unzip the file

Launch 'The Compliant'


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